Why Ludo Ligna


Ludo Ligna is part of the medium-sized, owner-managed Ludo Fact group of companies.

We have flat hierarchies and the managers always have an open ear for the employees’ concerns.


Both the historical and geographical facets are gigantic there. The Ludo Ligna company settled in the Harghita district, an area characterised by nature, thus creating optimal conditions for the production of the wooden components produced there.

The world market for board games has grown constantly in recent years. Our company also continues to grow and is in a constant state of change. This brings a lot of new things, and we also learn something new every day.

We live a culture of mutual respect, team spirit, responsibility and trust.


Our success is based on committed and satisfied employees. For us as a company, this means creating framework conditions that make it possible to actively participate in family life and to be successful at work.

Fun should not be neglected here, so we come together for joint activities such as Zumba, team events and entertaining games evenings.


In the heart of Romania – in the middle of the heavily forested region of Transylvania in the Carpathians – sits the company Ludo Ligna.

This region, also called Transylvania, is surrounded by vast forests, historic castles and boundless mountains.