Wood instead of plastic, because fun can also be sustainable!

Playing accessories Wooden components

“A piece of wood today – the star of a game tomorrow”, this is the motto Ludo Ligna lives by, because for us there is nothing greater than wood! Versatile discs, cubes and special profile parts are created here.

Profile parts

Profiled wooden sticks cut into slices.




Laser cut parts

For the parts that cannot be produced by profiling, we use laser cutting technology. Solid wood or plywood is used for this.



Pad printed parts

It is currently possible to have the parts printed in 2 colors.

Pad printed parts

Foil embossing / relief embossing

We use brass embossing dies that can be customised. Through this method we have a haptic through indentations, as well as a 1-colour printing.

Using the embossing technique, we can also carry out 4-colour foil printing with the aid of a silicone stamp – in this case there is no haptic effect due to indentations.

Foil embossing / relief embossing

Other services

Quality control, packing, sewing, using the network of partner companies.

Are you interested in a specific profile section? Our company has an online catalogue with an internal database. Via this, all play parts available with us – which are processed in games – can be viewed.

We have an insight here about the tools used, what sizes are possible as well as the availability of the parts. For further information, please contact Ludo Fact GmbH.

Gertrud Geiger

Head of Sales

Phone: +49 8225 9699 30
E-mail: Contact

Lilu®wooden toys

Our brand new product line embodies the highest quality and craftsmanship as we take pride in manufacturing our products in-house.

Each wooden figure is carefully painted by hand and lovingly handcrafted.
Our unique design makes each piece a small work of art.

Our commitment to quality extends through every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that you receive a product that is not only beautiful to look at, but also a pleasure to use for a long time.

Immerse yourself in the world of Lilu® and be inspired by the beauty of handmade wooden figures. Each piece tells its own story and becomes a unique toy.
Welcome to Lilu® – where quality, design and craftsmanship meet.

We love wood.

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